For next generation of riders

All current and future riders, who feel desire for riding, are warmly welcomed in the riding school of the Hungarian National Hall (Tattersall)

If you feel that you haven’t found yet the proper stable, horse to ride or trainer for youself come and visit us. Our aim is to provide precise and high-quality training that will ensure high-level riding knowledge in theory and in practise as well.

Our reliable and well-educated horses, who competed in the past as well, are waiting for their riders in the Tattersall that meets all the expectations and has excellent infrastructure. We will find the proper horse for each riders based on their level of knowledge, age, size and personality.

Our professionally educated English and German speaking trainer with many years of experience is welcoming the riders from 8 years, from beginner level up to the advanced and competing level.

25 mins
45 mins
50 mins


We are offering intensive learning and improving possibility in our riding- and/or training camps during the school vacations or in case of enough applications independently from the school vacations at any time as well.

Our aim is to make the riding aviable for those riders or people too who like horses but need any kind of help or development, as it is proven that horse riding is highly beneficial for the skills of adults or children. We are also inviting those kids or adults who simply would like to be in connection with horses and being affected by their emotions, feelings and reactions (touching them, petting them, walking with them, cleaning them).

The durition of these individual lessons is normally 20 minutes (but it can change based on the need of our riders). The price is 4.000 HUF.



We are also welcoming our international guests for our riding services who can participate in English or German speaking trainings.


I have been professionally involved in equestrian education, horse riding service provider, and riding school management for more than twenty years.
Initially, I gained professional- service- and human experience in my own stables, later as a contracted equestrian service provider and equestrian instructor.

Many-many hours spent with lunge in hand and lots of hours in the saddle, noumerous conversations with professionals, riders, and parents, and reading many pages of textbooks have matured the experience on which I can give riding lessons with courage and responsibility.

In addition to the advanced ones, I am also happy to deal with child and adult beginners and those ones who restart their studies, because I consider it important to pass on basic riding skills completely. My experience is that the lack of basic riding skills can cause serious problems for the rider in the future. Only the full acquisition of basic riding skills can lay the foundations for a safe hobbyist existence or for the beginning of a competitor career.

I believe that life close to a horse, loving it, sitting on its back without causing them discomfort, pain, is knowledge, joy and privilege. I can help anyone to gain this, who honors me with their trust.


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